Review: The X-Files Revival

SPOILER WARNING – None really but if you are still watching the original series and are yet to complete the first nine seasons save yourself the risk.

Like most Xfiles fans we have been hoping, praying (if religious) and speculating on whether our favourite show would ever come back.

Tonight, it did.

And not to be hyperbolic but it was absolutely incredible from start to finish and I currently feel like I’m riding a crazy Xfiles high.

We’ve been fans of this show since it was originally on in the 90s, the ominous theme song marked our bed time but most nights we would beg to stay up and watch, and often denied under the guise of “it’s the chicken one, it’s too scary.” But when we were slightly older we watched it religiously. And again, and again, and again.

And finally, our years of patience and our tenacity and wanting to believe have paid off.


Reunited and it feels so good!

The feel is the same as the original show, with some added tension between our favourite team Mulder and Scully, which we are hoping will be explained soon. The old mannerisms of both characters return, from the classic Mulder phone call to the unforgettable Scully sceptic face. The whole deal and I was internally screaming while texting my CablaGoobla co-writer all in caps with hundreds of emotional emojis.

They hold no punches, covering everything from 9/11, National Security, world events, big oil and of course GLOBAL ALIEN CONSPIRACIES.

We are introduced to a new character played by Joel McHale who blends in perfectly with the atmosphere of the show, and who (like all new characters) we are very suspicious of from the get go, Xfiles 101 here; Trust no-one.

Despite the episode of normal length, our hysteria and excitement made it feel like it went for approximately two minutes and both of us wanted to watch the whole episode again immediately.


I can not stress to you how fantastic this was, just wall to wall glory from the original Xfiles team, crushing every minute and bringing the goods from the very first frame to the very last second. The final scene particularly had me in awe, shouting at the screen as the credits began to roll, but thank you Fox because we get to watch part two tomorrow. Because we need answers, 2012 has come and gone and now that you’re back we are allowed to be irrationally impatient! BECAUSE WE ARE SO EXCITED.

If you’re not an Xfiles fan… Do yourself a favour and start from the pilot, you will never look back. If you are an Xfiles fan… well all I can say is.. you will not be disappointed, it’s everything you wanted the revival to be!!

I don’t even care if this review reads like the ravings of a complete lunatic. Because my favourite all time show is back and it’s just as fucking good as it ever was.

CablaGoobla out!


Review: Fear the Walking Dead (Premiere)


Yes this week AMC launched their spin off of the wildly popular “Walking Dead” appropriately titled “Fear the Walking Dead.” Having just watched the first episode I am intrigued by but also skeptical of this parallel story.

The show follows the EXCEPTIONALLY noobish Clark / Salazar family as the world slowly devolves into the zombie riddled Earth we have all come to know and love from Walking Dead. You got a few classic cliches in there from junkie son, rebellious teen daughter all the way up to step father JUST TRYING TO HELP OUT.

Mr & Mrs Noob with their children Obnoxious Teenage Girl and Heroin Face

Mr & Mrs Noob with their children Obnoxious                    Teenage Girl and Heroin Face

I liked this first episode, it’s a slow burn but it things are buiding nicely and I am extremely excited to actually watch the city of Los Angeles collapse into chaos as the mysterious zombie virus takes over. There are a lot of great in jokes (for us who know the world is coming to an end) as well as a handful of scenarios often use in the first ten minutes of zombie movies before shit hits the fan, they have played with all these scenes and hints nicely! But honestly if I don’t get some God-Damn answers I am going to be extremely cheesed.

The first of many "WHY DID YOU GO IN THERE" scenarios.

The first of many “WHY DID YOU GO IN THERE” scenarios.

My one criticism is…. not a single character appeals to me. I don’t know what it is about Walking Dead and now FTWD that makes me hate the characters!! It’s hard to tell if it’s bad / clunky writing that makes them awkward and unappealing or some kind of profound statement that only selfish, obnoxious assholes have what it takes to survive in this kind of world. Anyway, they all suck but hopefully we get introduced to some better people a little ways down the road. The acting is okay, it felt very soap opera from the premiere but I think that’s just because I am not used to seeing so many first world problems complained about in a show that centers around a zombie apocalypse.

The action factor was LOW but given this was the first episode and it seems the whole first season is going to be a slow build up to chaos I am willing to wait it out in the hopes I get some grade A face exploding carnage out of my long term investment. Again, if this investment does not yield some brutal violence though I am going to be very disappointed.

ALL IN ALL if you are a fan of The Walking Dead and want to see how “shit got fully fucked” by the zombie virus, check this out. If you’re not already a fan this is probably going to be a bit of a dull anticlimax for you! The first episode wasn’t great but I am holding my punches…. for now.

Here’s the trailer!

Review: Orange is the New Black (Season 3, 2015)

Let’s just say I was a little more than excited when the third season of Orange is the New Black was released by Netflix last week! Having binge watched the first two installments within days of their release I wanted to try and pace myself with this one, so I watched it over three days instead of one mega marathon..

For those who don’t know OITNB is set in Litchfield Women’s Prison in upstate New York and follows the daily lives of the women who inhabit the prison, as well as a series of flashbacks to their lives before being sentenced.

The characters in this show are rich, clever, intelligent and this year HILARIOUS. This season has copped a fair bit of shit online for not having a clear story arc. In the first season we followed Piper Chapman (a middle class woman sent in for becoming entangled with rug trafficking) and her personal journey while she got to know the other prisoners and adjusted to life behind bars. The second season saw a villain introduced with “V” and things took a very dramatic turn as things went very dark very quickly.

This year the show returned to it’s comedy genius that we saw in the first season. There is no big all encompassing drama to follow but more personal journeys and struggles within the women of Litchfield, and I have to say I personally loved it!

100% Slaying

                    100% Slaying

The writing this season was so on point, every episode had me in fits of laughter while also feeling deep and stirring connections with the more serious story lines. This is a true writing skill, to be able to have someone laughing and crying (simultaneously in the final scenes of the last episode for me) with your characters and truly connecting and caring for them as if they were personal friends.

There are a few arcs throughout the season, one being the business that Chapman begins work on and the other being the story of Norma and her cult following. Red as usual is up to her matriarchal business and has a very interesting story herself but the funniest story followed Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren writing her INSANE novella while the other inmates speculate and obsess about it. And the very touching and dramatic plots of Daya and her final months of pregnancy and Sophia experiencing horrifying trans-phobia threw plenty of heartbreaking moments and tears into the mix.



This season rather than trying to bring all the women together in one big story followed a more realistic path by creating individual plot lines that occasionally intersect but mostly stay within the cliques the women operate in.

As usual there are some stunning performances, this show ALWAYS brings in the awards for the actresses and I think the true standout this year was Selenis Leyva who plays the Hispanic matriarch Gloria Mendoza. She was absolutely brilliant and I thank the writers for creating a story that allowed her to truly shine! And of course I feel it is mandatory to mention the new character Stella who is played by Ruby Rose who it seems, the entire internet is really freaking out over and obsessed with now.

Shameless use of Ruby Rose GIF to get google image click throughs.

Shameless use of Ruby Rose GIF to get google image click throughs.

This show has maintained a glorious story an stuck to it’s guns of showing a range of female lead characters of different races, ethnicity’s and class backgrounds. And although it is hands down one of the funniest shows out there it also perfectly addresses the causes and triggers of crime in a realistic and sensitive approach, not an easy task.

Orange is the New Black Season 3 is available to binge on Netflix right now, here’s the trailer!

BAFTAs 2015 – Television awards!

Well it’s time we honour the glorious (predominantly BBC) programs we have all cried with, screamed up, binge watched and obsessed over for the past year with the 2015 BAFTA Television awards! Are you sitting comfortably? Well, let’s begin…

Firstly, it needs to be said that poor Benedict Cumberbatch has been denied once again for his portrayal of Sherlock 😦 the best actor prize went instead to Jason Watkins for “The Honour of Christopher Jeffries.”

Best Actress went to Georgina Campbell for “Murdered by my Boyfriend” an Best Supporting Actress went to Gemma Jones for “Marvellous.”



A big congratulations from us to one of our favourite dramas of the past year “Happy Valley,” the gritty, face punching and intense story that kept us on the edge of our seats and forced us to keep watching until the whole series was over took away BEST DRAMA.

Happy Valley - BBC

                      “Happy Valley”

Another of our favourites “The Honourable Woman” only took away one award, Best Supporting Actor for Stephen Rea, there was a lot of stiff competition this year!

“True Detective” claimed Best International and “Sherlock” took away the Radio Times Award.

Best Comedy / Comedy Entertainment Program went to “The Graham Norton Show” which is not a huge surprise, Graham is essentially a national treasure at this point.

So if you are looking for some new Dramas that will have you gripped from start to finish, I have taken the courtesy of compiling a list of the big winners for you all to check out!

Marvellous – BBC Series
The story of Neil Baldwin, who was born just after the Second World War and was deemed to have “learning difficulties.” This is a series about following your dreams, never giving up and overcoming everything you have to in order to be happy!

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries – Carnival Film & Television Mini Series
Based on a true story surrounding the accusation of a retired teacher in the murder of an ex tenant of his – Jo Yeates. Mostly centred around the media shitstorm and witchhunt that followed.

Happy Valley – BBC Series
Follows the life of Catherine Carwood – the toughest leading lady I have seen in a long time. A police officer in West Yorkshire investigating the kidnapping of a local woman while her own troubling family drama runs as a parallel and equally gripping story line.

Murdered by my Boyfriend – BBC TV Movie
It’s all in the name really. A dark, gripping and distressing tale of domestic violence. Definitely not for the faint hearted and I would like to raise a pretty big Trigger Alert for this one.

Review: Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere!

Well, well, well look who’s back in the game.

If (like us) you have been patiently waiting for the return of the biggest (and most pirated) TV show in the world, you would have been rejoicing earlier this week.

Not only did the first episode arrive, but a leak online provided savvy viewers with the first four episodes of Game of Thrones Season Five.

We wanted to stay on Santa’s good list so we have only watched the first episode, and despite the seemingly slow pace, it was very exciting.

Game of Thrones is one of those shows that slowly lower their toes, ankles and knees into the pool rather than bomb dive in all in one go, it’s one of the reasons it is so great. HBO don’t rush the story, they let moments land, tension build and characters become more than people we watch and forget about every week, but who we will yell at, cry for and rejoice in the victory (or in some instances; deaths) of each and every one of them.

Just like seasons before, this year there are many balls in the air. We have seen most characters and checked in with what they are up to (I’m being intentionally vague) from the first episode, but as usual there is one who we are yet to enocounter; Arya Stark. Who arguably is one of the crowd favourites. Usually it is Daenrys Targaryen (Khaleesi) who we are teased with tiny portions of, but it seems this year little Arya Stark is going to be the one who keeps us all waiting.

Readers of the books will no doubt be looking forward to the VAST array of new characters who come into play this season, for those who haven’t read, you will want to lay close attention or it’s going to get incredibly confusing, very fast. HOWEVER all of those (myself included) smug jerks who have read the books, you are not as all knowing as you may think. HBO have confirmed that some characters who have survived the books (so far) will face their deaths this season… So, you had better all be on the edge of your seats, as another ten episodes of glory unfold before your eyes!

As usual the acting, editing, writing, set design, cinematography, costumes and pretty much everything else is on point, this show does not fuck around.

We will be eagerly awaiting the next episode… Valar morghulis

Review: Cyberbully (2015)

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) stars in this thrilling tele-film produced by Raw TV and Britain’s Channel 4.

Williams plays Casey Jacobs, an ordinary British teenager living in a 21st Century world overflowing with technology. School life no longer ends when the bell rings, but bullies can follow their victims home, trolling Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and countless other social media websites.

Please do not be put of by the seemingly hyperbolic plot / first fifteen minutes of this, it is truly a quality thriller! The entire hour takes place in Casey’s bedroom, as her computer is hacked by a person who “helps victims of Cyberbullying.” This suspicious character leads Casey on a thrilling, sinister and honestly terrifying journey for the next hour that brutality addresses issues surrounding online bullying in today’s world.

Maisie Williams SHINES in this drama. She truly is a brilliant actress especially considering she is so young. Aside from the mysterious “hacker” character (whose voice is encrypted) she is the only character in this film. With it’s claustrophobic setting and single present character this could have been a truly bleak experience, but it isn’t, it’s thrilling and extremely well done and uses the fact there is only one star to it’s advantage. It is a HEAVY drama, very emotional, very raw and may cause upset to some viewers as it raises issues of suicide, mental illness and obviously, bullying.

Cyberbully is indeed very good, not what I was expecting but excellently executed and truly thought provoking. Especially considering the amount of youth suicide, self harm and mental illness that arises in this “brave new world” of technology and constant connectivity. It’s a valuable story for teenagers and parents alike to learn the realities of the problems that bullying can cause, especially to young minds.

Cyberbully is on ABC (Australia) Thursday April 2nd at 8:30pm.

Why not check out the trailer while you are here 🙂

If you are a victim of bullying (online or not) and are aged between 15 and 25 living in Australia there are services available to you. eHeadspace is one of the greatest resources and offer telephone, face to face as well as online counselling. Please visit if you are having trouble with any of the issues raised

Ye Be Warned Wednesday: The Royals

“I’ve got YBBW covered; this Royals show is completely shit”

That was the text I sent my co-consiprator/author last night.

I watched The Royals for a guilty little pleasure, it was to follow the return of Keeping up the Kardashians in my lineup for “brain free TV” after a day of intensive study. Little did I know, this show is meant to be taken seriously…. really guys? You know.. this is not going to be taken seriously right? The real Queens corgis shit out better stuff than this.

The Royals follows an alternate reality British royal family (although they CLEARLY took some liberties from the real royals) in their day to day life. The first day of their day to day life Prince Robert dies, leaving Liam (Willam) first in line for the throne.

The “plot” (using this word loosely) is that after the death of his son, The King wishes to put the Monarchy on ice and call for a referendum. NOBODY ELSE remotely wants that, so the royal claws are going to come out and some backs will get stabbed. We also have a number of sordid affairs on our plate here, but I will leave them as a juicy little surprise for those who want to watch.

Liam’s sister (Harry) Princess Eleanor is a party loving, coke snorting nutcase with a serious “Egyptian whore” eyeliner addiction who flashes her minge and is all over the front page within minutes of the show starting. If you combined Prince Harry with Effie from Skins and took away their collective charm, you have this character.

The Queen (Elizabeth Hurley) is violently critical of her children and all she worries about is “topping up on the botox” (that’s according to her own son, DRAMA!) and in true Elizabeth Hurley fashion, is exactly the same as every other character she has ever played.

Riot Queen / Chair Tipper

Riot Queen / Chair Tipper

Then we have the bozo cousins Penelope and Meribel (Beatrice and Eugenie) who are clearly there for comic relief, little does The Royals know, we all want to laugh AT it, not WITH it. Also if I was either (the real) Beatrice or Eugenie I would be so deeply pissed at the way I was being represented (allegedly).

Honourable mention to the clearly evil little brother of the King (Scar/Polonius) for doing his best Chuck Bass impersonation (long live Gossip Girl).

I’m warning you all that this show is pure 100% unadulterated TRASH. If you want an easy to watch, horribly scripted, pathetically acted and truly bleak show (which let’s face it, we all need sometimes) you will enjoy this.

BUT I watch a lot of bad TV, because I have a lot of free time on my hands.. and I’m not even sure I will bother with episode two. Some bad shows I have watched EVERY EPISODE OF include; Gossip Girl, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Degrassi (the new ones, the old ones are awesome) and the original 90210, so the fact this doesn’t reach my standards, is a very poor reflection.

This is essentially a soap opera with Americans pretending to be British Royalty. If you want some awful trash to stare at mindlessly, give this show a go, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Royals is on E! right after the (superior) other royal family, The Kardashians in the USA and for everyone else, you know the routine for this by now.

Check out the trailer… if you dare…