Review: The X-Files Revival

SPOILER WARNING – None really but if you are still watching the original series and are yet to complete the first nine seasons save yourself the risk.

Like most Xfiles fans we have been hoping, praying (if religious) and speculating on whether our favourite show would ever come back.

Tonight, it did.

And not to be hyperbolic but it was absolutely incredible from start to finish and I currently feel like I’m riding a crazy Xfiles high.

We’ve been fans of this show since it was originally on in the 90s, the ominous theme song marked our bed time but most nights we would beg to stay up and watch, and often denied under the guise of “it’s the chicken one, it’s too scary.” But when we were slightly older we watched it religiously. And again, and again, and again.

And finally, our years of patience and our tenacity and wanting to believe have paid off.


Reunited and it feels so good!

The feel is the same as the original show, with some added tension between our favourite team Mulder and Scully, which we are hoping will be explained soon. The old mannerisms of both characters return, from the classic Mulder phone call to the unforgettable Scully sceptic face. The whole deal and I was internally screaming while texting my CablaGoobla co-writer all in caps with hundreds of emotional emojis.

They hold no punches, covering everything from 9/11, National Security, world events, big oil and of course GLOBAL ALIEN CONSPIRACIES.

We are introduced to a new character played by Joel McHale who blends in perfectly with the atmosphere of the show, and who (like all new characters) we are very suspicious of from the get go, Xfiles 101 here; Trust no-one.

Despite the episode of normal length, our hysteria and excitement made it feel like it went for approximately two minutes and both of us wanted to watch the whole episode again immediately.


I can not stress to you how fantastic this was, just wall to wall glory from the original Xfiles team, crushing every minute and bringing the goods from the very first frame to the very last second.┬áThe final scene particularly had me in awe, shouting at the screen as the credits began to roll, but thank you Fox because we get to watch part two tomorrow. Because we need answers, 2012 has come and gone and now that you’re back we are allowed to be irrationally impatient! BECAUSE WE ARE SO EXCITED.

If you’re not an Xfiles fan… Do yourself a favour and start from the pilot, you will never look back. If you are an Xfiles fan… well all I can say is.. you will not be disappointed, it’s everything you wanted the revival to be!!

I don’t even care if this review reads like the ravings of a complete lunatic. Because my favourite all time show is back and it’s just as fucking good as it ever was.

CablaGoobla out!


Go Go Gadget Reboot!!

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin…

Children of the 80s rejoice! The internet is ablaze with excitement after Netflix has announced it is rebooting classic 80s cartoons Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse, with new episodes to be released this year and into 2016!!


Go go Gadget GLORY!

Dr Claw and his delightful cat companion MAD Cat, have reactivated the M.A.D (Mean and Dastardly) global crime syndicate (oh no!) and it’s up to our favourite bumbling, cyborg detective Inspector Gadget (along with his niece Penny and super dog Brain) to bring them down, down, down. MAD is going down!

I'll get you next time Gadget, NEXT TIME!

I’ll get you next time Gadget, NEXT TIME!

There will be 26 episodes of the reboot in all (produced by DHX Media) featuring our favourite human-cyborg detective Inspector Gadget and the much loved cartoon has had a 3D make over, so will now be seen in CGI form. (As a side note I find this slightly concerning, bubbly CGI has a tendency to make me angry, but as long as NETFLIX don’t do something ridiculously stupid like change the theme song then I’m more than willing to overlook the CGI component)

New look Inspector Gadget

New look Inspector Gadget

Danger mouse, another glorious cartoon of the 80s set for a reboot, follows the adventures of superspy rodent Danger Mouse along with his Hamster pal Penfold as they try to overthrow & out wit bad guys looking to take over the world. It was originally a parody of British spy fiction and excitingly the series will feature the glory of Stephen Fry providing the voice for Colonel K.


Words can not describe the excitement I feel at the imminent return of two of my most loved and deeply cherished childrens programs and I look forward to their release with great anticipation! How about you?

Go go Gadget forever!