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CablaGoobla 2016 Academy Awards Extravaganza Wrap-Up!

If you think the title of this post is long you should consider it relative to the length of the Academy Awards Ceremony, it’s no joke. Also strap yourselves in because this is going to be a big read in general.

Firstly we would like to officially lay the “Leo needs an Oscar” meme / joke to rest with a haiku eulogy in italics for emphasis;

Rest well Leo meme,
Greatness has been achieved,
Sixth time is the charm.

What a beautiful sentiment.

Now onto all the other glorious outcomes and reveals of the ceremony. We would like to format this post in the same nonsensical way the Academy Awards themselves tried to pass off their order of events; The order in which a film is made. This was of course a lie, unless now films are edited before they are directed and acted in by some kind of movie making wizardry. Let’s be honest Oscars your real order is “save the best for last” but you just don’t want to say that because everyone would complain about you valuing Best Actor above everything except Best Picture. So we have decided to throw your bullshit format out the window and reveal the winners our way. #OscarsSoBadAtFormatting

We didn’t watch the red carpet because the hosts make us blind with rage every year so the entirety of our coverage will be this one photograph.


Red Carpet Highlights! Presenting the two most ridiculously good looking people alive.

Firstly our host; Chris Rock. Admittedly when we heard Chris Rock was going to host we both let out a long frustrated sigh, but he brought the goods and actually had us laughing, a rare thing to achieve at the Academy Awards. There was a lot of attention brought to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy (I really hate having to reference a hash tag it feels about as bleak as putting your drug dealer down as a character reference on your resume, it’s unreliable and you are bound to get some batshit crazy rants if you follow through and look it up). In fact most, if not all of the jokes surrounded the controversy of a lack of diversity in the nominees and this caused even more controversy as the only minority mentioned by Chris Rock was African Americans with no references to other minorities until they actual won (Thank you Alejandro). So look, if you found that confusing here’s a quick summary.

  1. 88th Academy Awards had ZERO African American Nominees
  2. Everyone starts talking about a lack of diversity in the Oscars
  3. #OscarsSoWhite becomes a thing
  4. Chris Rock makes a million (funny) jokes about African Americans being excluded from the Academy Awards.
  5. The Academy throws literally every single African American they have in their phone book into a presenting role on stage to overcompensate.
  6. The internet who started #OscarsSoWhite gets mad because other minorities are still being ignored.
  7. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu wins Best Director and makes a fantastic speech about the issue but the only coverage of this topic you will get is Chris Rock being controversial.
  8. Nothing gets achieved because as usual, “spreading awareness” was the goal of an internet campaign with no real solutions on how to bring about change.

Now the last part of the flow chart is a future prediction because we here at CablaGoobla are extremely cynical of any and all “slacktivism” and “clicktivism” movements. We genuinely hope to see more diversity next awards season and believe it is an important topic, but knowing the world we live in this will be forgotten by April when a new shiny thing to tweet about appears.


A truly rare sighting of an actually entertaining host of the Oscars, for the Pokedex.


So we got a bit carried away there so let’s get to some God damn awards already!!

Best Picture went to Spotlight, which was an unexpected win. Even the presenter Morgan Freeman looked genuinely confused and surprised at the result. Because of his long pause after opening the envelope we came up with a conspiracy theory that Mad Max Fury Road actually won but Freeman liked Spotlight best so he just said that instead. By the time the backstage crew realised the mistake they were in too deep, the cast of Spotlight was on stage and the confetti was flying so they just gave them a free kick instead of trying to do damage control.


Spotlight cast & crew after winning Best Picture as decided by Morgan Freeman alone.

Best Actor went to the one the only Leonardo Dicaprio for his role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape no sorry The Aviator, nope not that one.. Blood Diamond? no… it definitely wasn’t Wolf of Wall Street, oh yeah of course THE REVENANT. Kate Winslet cried and he got a standing ovation, sweet Leo. We’re starting a rumour that at the after party Winslet drank champagne straight from the bottle and forced Leo to re-enact the spinning dance from Titanic.

Best Actress was awarded to Brie Larson for Room. To be completely honest we are yet to see this movie… so.. we’re just going to awkwardly move on after congratulating Brie and adding that it does look like a really good movie.

Best Supporting Actor went to Mark Rylance for his fifteen minutes of screen time in Bridge of Spies. The internet was pissed that Sly Stallone didn’t win for Creed and we are bitter because we are committed to supporting Batman, I mean Christian Bale.

Best Supporting Actress went to Alicia Vikander AND RIGHTLY BLOODY SO. She was, after all, literally the only good thing about The Danish Girl. I’m not saying that because I’m transphobic or hate the issue, I am a very liberal, very supportive and very transfriendly person but THE MOVIE WAS PAINFULLY DULL AND AWFUL. Vikander SHOULD have been nominated for Best Actress considering the film mostly follows her character’s story rather than Eddie god damn Redmayne’s but oh no Eddie needed that Best Actor nomination. Vikander was absolutely amazing in this movie so we were delighted she got the recognition she deserved, even if it was the wrong award.


Vikander WINS!! Ex Machina fans paranoid thinking this proves she does indeed pass the Turing Test.

Best Director went to Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu for The Revenant, which is his second year running winning this award! While watching this film with it’s long tracking shots and intensely choreographed scenes you can tell Alejandro knows his shit (to put it bluntly) and is one of the best directors of our time.

Best Original Screenplay went to Tom McCarthy an Josh Singer for Spotlight an Best Adapted Screenplay went to Adam McKay and Charles Randolph for The Big Short. Two very different styles of screen writing and both deserving of the award, although we had our fingers crossed for Alex Garland and Ex Machina to take out Best Screenplay.



Actual photo of the Mad Max crew at the after party.

Yes Mad Max Fury Road took away the most awards for the night and also brought us the best acceptance speeches. The speeches included swear words, good old Aussie drongos shouting their faces off with excitement and an all around good time. here are the winners for Mad Max;
Mark A. Mangini and David White for Sound Editing
Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudolph and Ben Osmo for Sound Mixing
Colin Gibson and Lisa Thompson for Production Design
Lesley Vanderwalt, Erika Wardega and Damian Martin for Makeup and Hair Styling
Jenny Beavan  for Costume Design
Margaret Sixel for Editing

As this post gets on I’d like you offer you a brief video reprieve. This was hands down the funniest skit of the evening.In a segment made to address diversity, African American actors were added into all the nominated films, I give to you Tracy Morgan in The Danish Girl…

Onto the Best Original Song category, not much can be said as they were essentially all terrible. That being said Lady Gaga’s performance was full of passion and feels so we were hoping she would take the award but alas Sam Smith won for his Bond theme “writing’s on the wall” my comments at the time were something along the lines of”just because your boring song has violins does not mean it’s Oscar worthy.” Other nominees include the dishwashing sponge attached to The Weeknd’s head and a weird song about Manta Rays.


Lady Gaga brings the feels.

Best Cinematography went to Emmanuel Lubezki for the third consecutive year! His work on The Revenant was some of the most beautiful and immersive cinematography I have ever seen so this was an absolutely correct choice!

Best Original Score was another upset of the night going to Ennio Morricone for his work on The Hateful Eight. I think most people were expecting John Williams to have this one in the bag for Star Wars The Force Awakens and Ennio did specifically give honours to Williams in his acceptance speech because, well, the guy is a legend. We wrote down the nominees wrong and were hoping the Revenant would take this one out because the score for that film was amazing, so it was a disappointing reveal when it wasn’t even actually nominated and we felt like pretty significant bozos.

So now as we wrap up our wrap up we would like to give out our awards for the evening!

Best Presenter – Hands down Louis CK for presenting Best Documentary Short, we love Louis and him stressing how much more important this award would be to the winners considering how their films would have made them zero dollars was hilarious. Honorary mention to Tina Fey and Steve Carell.


Classic Lemon

Best Winner – Leo. He finally won an Oscar and yet he spent most of his time talking about Climate Change the plight of the world’s indigenous peoples. Respect the Leo.

Best Dressed – HANDS DOWN JENNY BEAVAN. She won for Best Costume Design for Mad Max and was wearing a dope leather jacket and seemed to give approximately zero fucks about the dress code.


Jenny Beaven 100% realness, 200% boss.

Drunkest – The Australian guy who screamed “FUCKING MAD MAXXXEERSSS” when accepting his award, we aren’t sure exactly who you were but you sir are a national treasure.

Best Audience Reactions – The kid from The Room when the Star Wars robots came on stage was adorable and Kate Winslet watching Leo accept his award.

So that’s it, if you’ve made it this far in the post I would like to thank you sincerely for reading this entire spiral! We would also like to hear if you have any of your own awards from the ceremony like our list above or if you would like to start a campaign against us for criticising the use of twitter for activism please use the hashtag #CablaGooblaSoAccurateItHurts and direct all tweets to @BruceyWillis



Probably the last photo taken of Leo wearing a shirt and sober this holy night.


Hollywood Installs even Higher Glass Ceiling!

Firstly, happy International Women’s Day everyone! We hope that all your reads today are good ones and are more than pleased that you have taken the time to stop by Cabla Goobla. For those of you who don’t know we are two sisters from Australia who love almost everything about film and television. We say “almost” everything because, well, let’s be real, the film and television industry is one that has a very long road to travel in terms of gender equality. If you don’t believe us, please read on, if you do believe please also read on because there are always new things to learn.

A few weeks ago at the Academy Awards, Patricia Arquette addressed the need for gender equality in the United States, it was a powerful message that really needed to be heard, particularly by the film industry.

Many of you may be thinking “Well, it seems to me like there are far more “girl power” films now than ever before, we seem to have many female protagonists who aren’t afraid to take the lead.” We regretfully inform you that this is not the case.

In 2014 only 12% of protagonists in the top 100 grossing (Domestic USA) films were female. Let that resonate.. only 12%.. that’s basically one out of ten…are you ready for some more? Speaking characters, that is any character with a line comprised of 70% males and 30% females.

Now, in case you are a little thrown by this, let’s say equality is a ratio of 50/50 (which it is) to have 12/88 is a pretty vast failure if you ask me.

But it’s not just in front of the camera where this inequality exists. Last year only 17% of directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors and cinematographers were female AND only 3% of all the films considered (the top 250 grossing films in the USA) employed more than 10 women working behind the scenes.

Only 3% of these movies had more than 10 women working behind the scenes. It takes a lot of people to make a movie guys, this is absolutely appalling.  Can I also add that 79% of these films had not a single female writer on board? Not one. And only 1% of composers were female.. come on guys are you KIDDING ME!?!?

If you are wondering where I am getting these statistics I would like to direct you here. This is the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film who have done comprehensive research on these inequalities for many years. All the information before you in this post comes from the research of Martha Lauzen (PHD) and can be found on that website. I will list the particular papers I have used at the bottom, because I love to reference (If wordpress allowed footnotes I would be all over that).

So far we have seen your run of the mill inequality, clearly women are not being hired equally in FILM in the United States. Let’s take a little peek at television.

Queen of Television

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons           Queen of Television, kicker of booty’s.

On the American broadcast networks only 27% of all behind the scenes roles (director, writer etc) were female, on Cable and Netflix series’ this is only 25%. So a quarter of these creative roles are being done by women (and can I say they are doing very very well, I’m looking at you Amy Poehler)

I need to say when I saw these statistics I was absolutely mortified. How can there be such a huge gap in roles for women in these industries in 2015!? Especially considering the percentage of female creatives have actually DECLINED since the late 1990s. You heard me, declined. We are literally moving backwards.

So, women aren’t getting the jobs they are qualified for unfortunately this is a truth that all women have to bear, not just those in Film and Television. But, what about all these butt kicking female roles we see these days in The Hunger Games and Frozen?? Those are pretty stand alone films if you look at the information available.

Let’s take a look at age, the number of male characters in their fifties is DOUBLE that of women in the top 250 grossing films and on average all female protagonists are younger than their male counterparts. Also 74% of the very few female protagonists we have, were white. So if you are a young white lady, you probably have a small chance of maybe getting hired. I would like to take a moment to provide a short definition, just in case any of you Film and TV big wigs are reading this…

Diversity – A range of different things.
Synonyms – Mix, Variety, Assortment, Range.

On TV it seems we only really handle women in Sitcoms because only 39% of protagonist characters in dramas were female. Can I also add that if you think about female protagonists on TV they are often portrayed and discussed as the worst character of them all. Think Gemma from Sons of Anarchy who although a strong matriarchal figure, is consistently scripted to betray the male characters, mess with their plans and let her emotions surpass her better judgement. True Detective, the single (living) female character cheated on her husband with his only friend / co-worker. Throw back to Breaking Bad, one of the biggest shows ever, the two female characters were constantly nagging, mistrusting and written to utterly unbearable.

This isn’t to say all TV is rampantly anti equality. Take any series by Joss Whedon (Buffy in particular) which consistently contain strong, reliable and quick thinking female protagonists. Game of Thrones, despite the constant rapings contains very intelligent, respected and strong willed female characters who are engaging, beloved and carry their story lines.

Literally Slaying

                  Literally Slaying

The  delightful Broad City, Parks and Recreation (RIP) and The Honourable Woman and of course Orange is the New Black also come to mind to mention a few shows who contain honest, clever and fantastic female lead characters. I would also like to give an honourable mention to Michonne from The Walking Dead for being seriously badass.

Such a boss.

                       100% boss.

SO what can we do? Can the ladies help the ladies out?? Unfortunately that’s not that accurate, in films with at least one female director only 33% of protagonists characters were female. Sigh.

We do indeed have a very long way to go in terms of gender equality in film and television. We here at Cabla Goobla hope that in time there will be less victimising and more heroism, more female writers to provide an honest female perspective and a chance for qualified, talented women to work their magic in front of and behind the camera.

I know a few of you may be reading this thinking “Ugh women just want to take over” but how can you honestly say that a 12% vs 88% of lead characters is equal, or even close. This number is a decrease from a similar study in 1998. A decrease.

The Film and Television industry needs to stand accountable for this inequality and we are in no way suggesting hiring women just for “the sake of it” but don’t disregard a writer because she’s a woman, don’t write the same young, white female character a thousand times over and over again and maybe throw someone a little different into the mix.

Take a look at the most successful franchises in the world and maybe see that people like strong female characters. The top five highest grossing films worldwide in HISTORY as of today are, Avatar, Titanic, The Avengers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt2 and Frozen. You know something these movies have in common (aside from being awesome, but not Avatar, Avatar sucks). They have a female character in a lead role who actually kicks series ass, isn’t afraid to take the lead, believes in a powerful cause, has dignity, resolve and a powerful mind.

Girls don’t all want to be rescued by a handsome hero, hopefully one day you will come to see that we are quite capable of doing the rescuing ourselves.

So, today we are asking you all to spread some love! Write us a comment below, a tweet (@CablaGoobla) or a Facebook comment on our page here with the names of some of your favourite female film makers! They can be directors, writers, editors or anything related to film and TV! We are excited to learn about your favourites and hopefully this helps to expose some female creative geniuses to the wider world!

Cabla Goobla OUT!

True Hermiones can see my references below..

True Hermiones can see my references below..

All statistics courtesy of the Center for Study of Women in Television and Film, which can be found here:

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