Review: Insurgent (2015)

So ICYMI the film “Divergent” came out a few years ago and was the first in this series of films based on the Young Adult novels by Veronica Roth. Insurgent is part two, and let’s just say, it’s very underwhelming.

This is my reaction face, it never changes, it never falters.

This is my reaction face, it never changes, it never falters.

So the plot centers around a dystopian “end of the world” scenario (recurring theme in YA fiction these days) where the remaining citizens of the world are crammed into one city protected by a giant wall. The people are divided into “factions” and your faction is determined when you come of age as a teenager.

The first film (Divergent) revealed our protagonist “Tris” (Shailene Woodley) does not fit into any one faction but is in fact a “divergent,” this makes her kind of a superhero (who has the inherent skills of all factions but ZERO awesome powers), but like all superheros the big lady in charge (Kate Winslet) is not a fan.

Still with me? Look it seems complicated but it’s one of those things where two seconds into the movie you understand.

This second installment “Insurgent” picks up where the first film ended, which means Kate Winslet has decided she wants to reign supreme and tries to kill anyone standing in her way ala Hitler. But look out, a bunch of teenagers are coming after you on their god damn youthful high horse to ruin everything.

Teenagers, I'm honestly surprised none of them have slurpees.

Teenagers, I’m honestly surprised none of them have slurpees.

This movie…. sucked.

I am not a fan of YA fiction, simply because I can’t stand teenagers in real life and in movies they are always portrayed as wiser, braver, more heroic and generally better than adults, when let’s all be real, teenagers are the worst. We were all teenagers once, and when each of us looks  back on that time we cringe and think of what obnoxious assholes we all were.

Anyway aside from the major downside of yet another end of the world movie where teenagers save the day there really isn’t much to note about this movie. As always Kate Winslet is a shining beacon in a bleak world of expressionless acting, monotone dialogue and a sea of  CGI. Worth noting this is the only sequel Winslet has ever appeared in, and we can forgive her for this because for twenty years she has consistently appeared in much more interesting films.

Winslet on Twitter - "This movie is so boring #GirlsGottaEatTho"

Winslet on Twitter – “This movie is so boring                               #GirlsGottaEatTho”

While watching this movie I was just waiting for something cool to happen, I mean in theory this has potential to be a really cool SciFi story! I have heard the film is nothing like the book it claims to be based on (as always) so I can’t help but wonder if it’s worth reading to tap into the potential glory.

I was so bored. I just.. I can’t express how boring this was for me. I’m not even mad, I can’t even get mad enough about this movie to write a funny review because the whole thing was just cardboard.

Look, if you have kids, this is probably a good movie to watch with them. It’s generally harmless, they will probably love the action scenes, it’s easy for them to follow and it won’t make you AS MAD as a lot of other kids movies. But if you’re a grown up looking for a decent movie, don’t even bother, may I suggest you stare at a wall for two hours instead because in all honesty that would be just as entertaining as Insurgent.

I don’t like writing blunt mean reviews but Insurgent really missed the mark for me.

Here’s the trailer (that is actually awesome and totally tricked me into seeing the movie)


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