Review: Fear the Walking Dead (Premiere)


Yes this week AMC launched their spin off of the wildly popular “Walking Dead” appropriately titled “Fear the Walking Dead.” Having just watched the first episode I am intrigued by but also skeptical of this parallel story.

The show follows the EXCEPTIONALLY noobish Clark / Salazar family as the world slowly devolves into the zombie riddled Earth we have all come to know and love from Walking Dead. You got a few classic cliches in there from junkie son, rebellious teen daughter all the way up to step father JUST TRYING TO HELP OUT.

Mr & Mrs Noob with their children Obnoxious Teenage Girl and Heroin Face

Mr & Mrs Noob with their children Obnoxious                    Teenage Girl and Heroin Face

I liked this first episode, it’s a slow burn but it things are buiding nicely and I am extremely excited to actually watch the city of Los Angeles collapse into chaos as the mysterious zombie virus takes over. There are a lot of great in jokes (for us who know the world is coming to an end) as well as a handful of scenarios often use in the first ten minutes of zombie movies before shit hits the fan, they have played with all these scenes and hints nicely! But honestly if I don’t get some God-Damn answers I am going to be extremely cheesed.

The first of many "WHY DID YOU GO IN THERE" scenarios.

The first of many “WHY DID YOU GO IN THERE” scenarios.

My one criticism is…. not a single character appeals to me. I don’t know what it is about Walking Dead and now FTWD that makes me hate the characters!! It’s hard to tell if it’s bad / clunky writing that makes them awkward and unappealing or some kind of profound statement that only selfish, obnoxious assholes have what it takes to survive in this kind of world. Anyway, they all suck but hopefully we get introduced to some better people a little ways down the road. The acting is okay, it felt very soap opera from the premiere but I think that’s just because I am not used to seeing so many first world problems complained about in a show that centers around a zombie apocalypse.

The action factor was LOW but given this was the first episode and it seems the whole first season is going to be a slow build up to chaos I am willing to wait it out in the hopes I get some grade A face exploding carnage out of my long term investment. Again, if this investment does not yield some brutal violence though I am going to be very disappointed.

ALL IN ALL if you are a fan of The Walking Dead and want to see how “shit got fully fucked” by the zombie virus, check this out. If you’re not already a fan this is probably going to be a bit of a dull anticlimax for you! The first episode wasn’t great but I am holding my punches…. for now.

Here’s the trailer!


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