Review: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

Don’t you dare aca-judge me.

So, for those of you who somehow missed the majestic guilty pleasure that was the first Pitch Perfect all you need to know is this;

The Barden Bellas, an on campus acapella group are a bunch of misfit bozos who just want to have a good time and sing while Elizabeth Banks releases a steady stream of lols from the commentators box.

Pitch Perfect 2 returns to this scenario, but the stakes are higher after the Bellas royally fuck up while performing for the President, now they need to win the World Acapella Championships because apparently that’s a thing that happens, but logic doesn’t really matter here. Meanwhile Becca (Anna Kendrick) is trying to juggle both the Bellas and a future career as a music producer, high stakes shit.

Misleading Christopher Nolan style poster.

Misleading Christopher        Nolan style poster.

Let’s be real… most people are secret aca-philes, who doesn’t love an upbeat mash-up of popular songs and a simple story every once in a while? Heartless, cold bastards – that’s who.

This movie was pretty funny, I had quite a few lols throughout, in fact I would go so far as to say it made me chuckle. It’s got all the charm you can expect from a movie about a bunch of gals trying to defeat a cliche German nemesis group. However, there is something missing…

The first one was good because they kept it reasonably simple. I think they went way too wide with this second film, there’s just too many bells and whistles and not enough eighties power pop.. I mean.. not enough reality.

For those of you who loved the pseudo-knife fight mash-up contest in the abandoned pool (I know right) from the first one, that same battle style is back again. Thank you Elizabeth Banks (Director and all around awesome person). And obviously there is a large scale singing contest where EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE.

In Soviet Russia; Pitch Perfect 2 watches you.

In Soviet Russia; Pitch Perfect 2 watches you.

Generally, if you liked the first one you will like this one. It’s a feel good, pretty funny and toe tapping (good one grandma) journey that doesn’t require much emotional investment or concentration. However, I will admit it was a pretty dumb movie.

Beyonce and Nineties hip hop were a major plus, but honestly aside from that the songs were not as great as the first one.

I enjoyed myself, I came, I saw, I laughed, I may have even come close to shedding a small tear. Was it the best movie I ever saw? No, but who really gives a shit. To all you serous hipsters who rag on popcorn flicks, come back to me after you’ve seen some real life shit and then decided of your own free volition to only watch movies that make you think 100% of the time. ACA-BURRRRRRRRRRRN. We all need a break from real life every once in a while.

CablaGoobla OUT.

Here’s the trailer!


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