Review: Cyberbully (2015)

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) stars in this thrilling tele-film produced by Raw TV and Britain’s Channel 4.

Williams plays Casey Jacobs, an ordinary British teenager living in a 21st Century world overflowing with technology. School life no longer ends when the bell rings, but bullies can follow their victims home, trolling Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and countless other social media websites.

Please do not be put of by the seemingly hyperbolic plot / first fifteen minutes of this, it is truly a quality thriller! The entire hour takes place in Casey’s bedroom, as her computer is hacked by a person who “helps victims of Cyberbullying.” This suspicious character leads Casey on a thrilling, sinister and honestly terrifying journey for the next hour that brutality addresses issues surrounding online bullying in today’s world.

Maisie Williams SHINES in this drama. She truly is a brilliant actress especially considering she is so young. Aside from the mysterious “hacker” character (whose voice is encrypted) she is the only character in this film. With it’s claustrophobic setting and single present character this could have been a truly bleak experience, but it isn’t, it’s thrilling and extremely well done and uses the fact there is only one star to it’s advantage. It is a HEAVY drama, very emotional, very raw and may cause upset to some viewers as it raises issues of suicide, mental illness and obviously, bullying.

Cyberbully is indeed very good, not what I was expecting but excellently executed and truly thought provoking. Especially considering the amount of youth suicide, self harm and mental illness that arises in this “brave new world” of technology and constant connectivity. It’s a valuable story for teenagers and parents alike to learn the realities of the problems that bullying can cause, especially to young minds.

Cyberbully is on ABC (Australia) Thursday April 2nd at 8:30pm.

Why not check out the trailer while you are here 🙂

If you are a victim of bullying (online or not) and are aged between 15 and 25 living in Australia there are services available to you. eHeadspace is one of the greatest resources and offer telephone, face to face as well as online counselling. Please visit if you are having trouble with any of the issues raised


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