Review: Robot Overlords (2014)

In an unclear time period, Planet Earth has been invaded by Robots from space (I know right, awesome) which now control every aspect of life on our home planet. Humans are not allowed to leave their homes for more than five minutes at a time, if they stay out over this limit… cue incineration from giant robots. Despite that description this movie is pretty much kid friendly if you are looking for a lazy Sunday afternoon movie for the whole fam-bam,

The premise had me sold on this movie, and then I saw who “stars” in the film, Gillian Anderson (aka Special Agent Dana “I’m a Medical Doctor” Scully) and I got way too excited. Now, it needs to be said that billing her first in the cast is a little misleading. Yes she is the biggest name in this movie, but no unfortunately she is not the star, her character’s son is.

Like most movies these days the story follows a bunch of incredibly annoying teenagers and one extra annoying little kid who ruins everything a lot of the time. I know teenage heroes are a hot ticket right now, but come on it really is alienating all the adults who want to watch some glorious giant robots slice, dice and zap their way through the Earth.

Anyway, these kids go on an adventure after learning about a SERIOUS OVERSIGHT / design flaw in the implants the robots put in their necks to track human movement. The whole film takes place in a small English sea side town on account of it being made by the BFI, it’s not a robot war on a grand scale… but it also lacks the charm of a small scale Doctor Who type setting.

I’m not saying this movie was bad necessarily, it had some really good ideas, decent robots (it was not BGrade scifi at least) and the acting was generally really good. There was just something missing… I put it down to wasting far too much time with the annoying kids early on in the movie. GENERALLY speaking it was a pretty fun movie to watch.

Sean is the main character (Son of Scully) and is played by Callan McAuliffe, who I am going to claim right now is going to be a “career on the rise” / person we will probably see in many more films to come. He is a handsome Australian actor, and I feel like that is kind of a mandatory criteria for action films at the moment.

Ben Kingsley (Gandhi / Schlinders List / A few other incredible movies) is the human “collaborator” / bad guy, whose talents are pretty much wasted on this role.. But the production company that made this movie is called “Wasted Talent” so it’s really no surprise they seriously under used their two big names.

"Is it just me, or should we have bigger parts?"

“Is it just me, or should we have bigger parts?”

All in all, if you want an incredibly easy to watch movie, check this out. It’s got some good action scenes and generally pretty good acting. It’s a solid little British Sci Fi which I am assuming was made for the whole family to enjoy together, so if you have kids, I would recommend it.

BUT if you are an adult Science Fiction aficionado you will be very underwhelmed with this movie, particularly the lapse in robot judgement, which let’s be real… there is no way they would have missed a simple design flaw like the one the whole film revolves around. But it’s not going to make you want to gouge your eyes out.

Robot Overlords; not great… not terrible.. just… a thing that exists.. You can trust my review because as they say in the film “Robots never lie….”

Here’s the trailer;


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