YBWW: “Hardcore Pawn”


That’s Pawn with “aw” people. Grow up.

This “reality” show sees pawnbroker Les Gold and his two (obnoxious) children, Seth and Ashley, operate Detroit’s largest pawnshop and it is radioactively bad.

The opening tag “Based on real-life events“, is the real key to understanding this show – it’s really just another way of saying “We made it all up”. “Hardcore Pawn” is about as close to “reality” as “Jerry Springer” was, which is no surprise really given both were produced by Richard Dominick (also responsible for “The Springer Hustle”, “When Jerry Springer ruled the world” and “Jerry Springer: Too hot for tv”)

Unlike “Jerry Springer”, “Hardcore Pawn” is not even good fiction and the shows main tag line “You never know what’s in store” could not be more inaccurate. We always know what’s in store. Every episode is always the same with the 3 obnoxious family members screaming and arguing with each other, while occasionally dealing with angry customers and their frequent threats of violence over the most trivial things which more often than not sees them escorted from the store by security. 

Always the same...

Always the same…

If you’re watching hoping to see interesting artifacts and collectibles, or experts who explain the history of the items, ala “Pawn Stars” – prepare for disappointment. Epic, epic disappointment. But if you’re watching hoping to see a lot of family drama, shouting, finger pointing, how NOT to run a business and lots AND LOTS of security guard/bouncer action then all your Christmas’s have come at once!

Security: The real star of the show…..

Loud, probably scripted, full of improbable events, with completely unlikeable characters and a sense of self-important clueless, Hardcore Pawn is easily one of the worst shows (“reality” or otherwise) that you will ever have the misfortune of seeing. Ye have been warned!


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