Eurovision 2015 Announcement!


Australian fans of Eurovision rejoice!

As you may or may not already know this year we have been invited to join the Eurovision party!

(The legit one! Not just the one we all have in our lounge rooms with our high school friend Mr Goon.)

This morning news broke on SBS that Guy Sebastian will be Australias first Eurovision representative. Sporting an outfit consisting entirely of denim (triple points for triple denim) Guy Sebastian said it was a “dream opportunity” and that the event “beats the local RSL” (high praise Guy, high praise)

Word has it that if we win (which seems unlikely but its nice to have a dream…) that we will get to host the event next year in a European city of our choosing.

Paul Clarke, head of Blink TV (the production company behind SBS’s coverage of the event) described Eurovision as “the new Countdown… Some of the acts are daggy, some are brilliant.”

Unlike most of the 27 competing nations, organisers have put Australia straight through to the final of the event, to be held in the Wiener Stadhalle, Vienna on May 23. That means Australia does not have to compete in the semi-finals of the event on May 19 and 21, although we do get to vote in both!


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