Ye Be Warned: Penny Dreadful

It’s all in the name really, but I will continue.

Penny Dreadfuls were plays from Victorian London – intentionally crass, tacky and thus entertaining for the masses of peasants and plebs that would go to see them. The show, is much the same. However, I have a feeling that this was shit by accident.

The show follows an unlikely band of heroes including (but not limited to) Dr Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, renowned explorer Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton) and a dual pistol wielding American hot-shot (Josh Hartnett) in ye olde London town.

Why did we all agree to this??

         Why did we all agree to this??

Don’t be fooled.

This show sucked so badly I actually couldn’t believe it. It was eye watering bad. I watched the entire first season just in the hope that things would take a turn and save these rich literary characters from being thrown into the metaphorical shredder.

But alas, they all came out in tiny little pieces.

There was so much potential here but whoever wrote this show just missed the mark, and by missed the mark I mean they shot a flaming arrow into a pile of books, pulled out whatever pages were still slightly readable and sticky taped them together into a script.

The story finds this unlikely band of allies attempting to rescue Sir Malcolms daughter, who has been kidnapped by Dracula and his band of crazy lady vampires. All of you out there thinking they will be sexy vampires like everything else these days, WRONG they are hideous monsters and probably the one thing I liked about this show.

Along the way we have demon possession, Billie Piper playing a prostitute with Tuberculosis (her character is terrible and I love Billie Piper), people eating oranges, a very sad monster made by Dr Frankenstein,extras with dirty faces, dinner parties. There, you do not need to watch the show at all now.

YE BE WARNED, Penny Dreadful is not worth your time, it does NOT progress into any semblance of an interesting or intriguing mystery. It is BLEAK and does NOT in any way deserve the characters they plucked from the public domain and vomited into a two dimensional awful story.

I can not stress how dull this show was. It was 24 hour flight dull, I would have had a better time staring at a blank sheet of paper than watching another episode of this utter bullshit.

Leave it for the peasants to enjoy but if you do watch it, don’t say you weren’t warned.

The second season is released in May.

There's a second season!?

           There’s a second season!?


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