Leo might actually win an Oscar!


We here at CablaGoobla are very fond of semantics, and we have just made a truly wonderful discovery!

Leonardo Dicaprio has come so close, so often but has been continually rejected / crushed / dehumanised by the Academy Awards every since his incredible performance (and first nomination) from the 1994 film “What’s eating Gilbert Grape.”

We have just learned, that although Leo isn’t nominated for any ACTING awards this year, he was involved in producing a front runner for Best Documentary named “Virunga.”

The documentary is about the park rangers of the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and stands a mighty fine chance of winning the Academy Award, finally giving Leo (some kind of) recognition for all his years of heart ache and shedding tears!

We stand with you with Leo, this is your year!! They may never give you Best Actor, just to continue a cruel and long running joke, but so help me you WILL have a little golden man for SOMETHING.

You can see the trailer for Virunga right here!


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