Ye Be Warned Wednesday!

This week we thought we’d start a new “thing” on Cablagoobla we’re going to call “Ye Be Warned Wednesday”

Often, in times of desperation, we at Cablagoobla can be found spinning the (metaphorical) big wheel of random films & tv shows and watching whatever is thrown at us. Sometimes the results are pleasantly surprising, but more often than not they are epic, EPIC disappointments.

Ye Be Warned!

Ye Be Warned!

And so “Ye Be Warned Wednesday” was born, a place for us to purge all the horror of mind numbing, spirit crushing, soul destroying film and/or television we have been subjected to during the previous week to act as a warning to others, lest ye be tricked (as we so often are).

So we want to know, what horrors have you been subjected to (television-ally wise) in the last week that you’d really like to warn others about?

Let us know in the comments below!


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