Vice (2015) : Ye Be Warned Wednesday

“Vice” (2015) or “How Bruce Wallis Betrayed my Trust vol 1”

Before I watched “Vice” it had a concerning 4.7/10 star rating on IMDB – well below my 7 star minimum for sci fi. But I thought, surely it couldn’t be that bad – it starred Bruce Willis after all.


Turns out Willis must have owed someone a big favour, because this movie is all kinds of low budget, Bgrade rubbish and is quite easily the worst Wallis film to date. Not only does Brucie not STAR in this movie (as the tag line claims), he appears on screen for what I would say was a grand total of 5 minutes and appears to be in a trance the entire time.

Wake up little snoozy...

Wake up little snoozy…

I don’t know why Brucie did this film, and quite frankly I dont want to know. What I do know is I am genuinely peeved that he has bismirched his own good name in such a heinous way as to attach it to this truly, truly awful film.

From its synopsis “Vice” seemed to have all the ingredients for something interesting, but the makers of this film clearly have no respect for science fiction (or the laws of physics or the laws of robotics for that matter), nor did they have the funds or imagination to make something even half way decent, so it ended up just being a messy, sticky mix of many other stories. In other words – Terrible.


The Directing, story, editing, screenplay, set design, lighting, music, CGI and stunts/action are ALL TERRIBLE. Its porno quality acting from porno quality actors using porno quality dialogue. Without the porn. Combine that with the gigantic plot holes, zero internal logic and ridiculous overuse of automatic weapons and constant running as the only plot device, “Vice” makes for some all round pretty shitty viewing.


Do not see this movie, not even if it’s free.


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