New George RR Martin Series Announcement!

Well well well, George RR Martin is having another set of stories brought to the screens of millions of desperate fans in the near future!

Many were very disappointed earlier today when an announcement came from the Martin barracks that was NOT a release date for the next “A Song of Ice and Fire” book. An annoyance that is deeply deeply felt here at CablaGoobla, but I digress..

The new series is rumoured to star Milla Jovovich (All around badass from Fifth Element, Resident Evil etc) and will be titled “In the Lost Lands.” The series will be adapted from short stories contained in Martins “Dreamsongs Volume 1.”

In the Lost Lands will start production towards the end of the year, in the meantime we have a new season of Game of Thrones coming up in April as well as a special behind the scenes feature made by HBO. Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life premieres February 8, with a sad running time of half an hour it will give viewers a glimpse of the locations, actors and crew behind the scenes. But I can honestly say I am expecting it to just be a half hour montage with no real exciting information..

But right now for those though of you who have either been in hospital or adrift at sea the last week, here’s the trailer for the Fifth Season of Game of Thrones…


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