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Go Go Gadget Reboot!!

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin…

Children of the 80s rejoice! The internet is ablaze with excitement after Netflix has announced it is rebooting classic 80s cartoons Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse, with new episodes to be released this year and into 2016!!


Go go Gadget GLORY!

Dr Claw and his delightful cat companion MAD Cat, have reactivated the M.A.D (Mean and Dastardly) global crime syndicate (oh no!) and it’s up to our favourite bumbling, cyborg detective Inspector Gadget (along with his niece Penny and super dog Brain) to bring them down, down, down. MAD is going down!

I'll get you next time Gadget, NEXT TIME!

I’ll get you next time Gadget, NEXT TIME!

There will be 26 episodes of the reboot in all (produced by DHX Media) featuring our favourite human-cyborg detective Inspector Gadget and the much loved cartoon has had a 3D make over, so will now be seen in CGI form. (As a side note I find this slightly concerning, bubbly CGI has a tendency to make me angry, but as long as NETFLIX don’t do something ridiculously stupid like change the theme song then I’m more than willing to overlook the CGI component)

New look Inspector Gadget

New look Inspector Gadget

Danger mouse, another glorious cartoon of the 80s set for a reboot, follows the adventures of superspy rodent Danger Mouse along with his Hamster pal Penfold as they try to overthrow & out wit bad guys looking to take over the world. It was originally a parody of British spy fiction and excitingly the series will feature the glory of Stephen Fry providing the voice for Colonel K.


Words can not describe the excitement I feel at the imminent return of two of my most loved and deeply cherished childrens programs and I look forward to their release with great anticipation! How about you?

Go go Gadget forever!


Ye Be Warned Wednesday : “Pickers”

Imagine, if you will, that “Antiques Roadshow” and “Hoarders” had a baby – now let’s imagine the parents, disgusted by the abomination they had created, sold that baby to “The Borrowers” and the little bastard grew up receiving all it’s formal education from the Artful Dodger. Well, that kid’s all grown up now and he’s driving around in a shady van looking to swindle your grandparents out of their collectibles!


You must be so proud.

There have been no less than two dozen series based on people who buy and sell junk for “the big bucks”, and as a result “Picker” shows now come in a variety of flavours (American, Canadian, Australian, Sisterly….) but no matter the accent, the formula is always the same:

Two strange dudes (or in the case of “Picker Sisters”- ladies) travel around in a creepy white van stopping to rummage through run-down barns, antique stores, garbage heaps and the like, in search of rare valuables. Then, using their artful dodger skillz, they haggle with their “unsuspecting” (give me a break) and often reluctant “marks” on a price, then resell their junk for a healthy profit (100% minimum).

The packrat victims rarely get more than a fraction of whatever their item is actually worth and almost immediately you start see the pickers for what they really are – the television equivalent of that kid at my primary school who ruined it for everyone by pigeoning a kid in a younger grade into swapping their Game Boy for a handful tazos. (as a bitter side note tazos were completely banned from our school FOREVER after this event. Thanks a lot jerk).


These shows are made by the HISTORY channel yet contain only about a thimble full of actual historical information, the real emphasis is on the collectibility or dollar value of the items. Sure they mention the occasion “thing” from history every now and then and the occasional bullet point is flashed on the screen to place the item in some kind of context, but really what it all comes down to is “How much you want for something like that?”

Now, I like rummaging through junk and haggling for a bargain as much as the next girl, there’s a certain thrill about the idea of finding some hidden gem in a pile of trash that I could resell for maximum profit that makes me kind of understand why people would want to watch, but the same type of items are featured on virtually EVERY episode of each of the various shows; motorcycles, bicycles, gas pumps, road signs, old advertising, neon signs etc. So if you were watching hoping to find out what some of the junk you’ve got laying around is worth (which I’m sure is 99% of the reason anybody would watch these shows regularly) it’s really not worth it.

A quick guide to the main offenders:

Exhibit A : American Pickers


These guys are the absolute worst.  Over excitable Mike with his grumpy troll sidekick Frank are pickers from Iowa who also conveniently have an antiques store which is mentioned & featured continuously through the show. Advertorialtainment at it it’s best! These guys were the original pickers – the ones we have to thank blame for all the rest. Along with their long suffering office bitch Dani D, Mike and Frank are the embodiment of the shows motto “Over promise and under deliver” … wait…. no… I think that might be backwards. My bad.

Exhibit B: Canadian Pickers aka Cash Cowboys


If for some reason I had to pick a favourite duo of pickers – these guys would be it. Even though they are just as shifty in the wheeling and dealing rip-offery of items like their annoying American counterparts and their show follows an identical format, their all over polite and hilarious Canadian-ness makes them so much more enjoyable to watch. 

Exhibit C: Aussie Pickers


To be honest, I had never seen Australian pickers before I compulsorily viewed it for this post but as I expected it did not deviate from the format of it’s North American counterparts in the slightest and (much like Australian Top Gear) totally falls flat as an Australian recreation of a successful international show. Ginger bearded Adam and beret wearing Lucas seem painfully unaware of the sea of good items they frequently walk past, and their lack of knowledge combined with the shows scripted and predictable format made it excruciating at best.


If you’ve seen one pick, you’ve seen ’em all. Save yourself the trouble and go and have a rummage at the op shop instead.

Travolta: The journey.

Travolta is the Hollywood equivalent of that weird neighbour who you never want to speak to, but kind of have to because he is always *around.*

At the Academy Awards this week he seemed to accelerate his decline into madness by being the creepiest dude in attendance. In the photo below Travolta can be seen trying to kiss Scarlett Johansson, who looks completely unaware of the nightmare that is happening beside her.

He showed off, splashin around.

He showed off, splashin around.

With the current state of Travolta in mind, we would like to take you on an in depth analysis of the man,the myth, the enigma that SOMEHOW still gets invited to big events. Come with us now,on a journey up Mount Revolta.

Phase 1: Dreamboat Travolta
Before John descended into weirdsville he was quite the dreamboat, adored by many both in and out of the business after taking the lead role in the classic TV series “Welcome back Kotter.” That show was awesome, and Travolta was HILARIOUS in it. Next up came box office mega success stories Grease and Saturday Night Fever. If you were alive in the late 70s you probably wanted to bone or be John Travolta (even if he was already a Scientologist).

Phase 2: The Dark Times
Ummm anyone who has seen “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” will surely agree with me that it was one of the lamest, most terrible films ever made. I have seen it many times,purely for the lols at the bleak acting and tacky storyline. It’s a masterpiece of straight to VHS/DVD film-making. After this came One of a Kind and Perfect (yep we also have a “wait, what movie?” face on right now). While Travolta was busy swimming in a sea of shitty movie scripts he turned down roles in both American Gigolo AND An Officer and a Gentlemen.. mistake.. these films solidified the career of who we will now official knight as Travolta Rival #1 – Richard Gere. TO BE FAIR Travolta married his Boy in the Plastic Bubble co-star Diana Hyland in the 70s, and she did tragically die of Breast Cancer in 1977, so Travolta had bigger things on his mind, we’ll let this one slide Johnny.

Phase 3: Attempting Serious Career
This is where things started to get interesting. The nineties were an awkward time for everything, but the roles Travolta was choosing were more sporadick than Naomi Campbells mood. We got Look Who’s Talking (ugh) followed by a string of far more serious roles like Pulp Fiction, Face/Off (glory) and Get Shorty. It seems like he was aiming for a legitimate acting career… things were maybe going his way, he could be taken seriously! On a personal note he had married again and had baby Jett, it’s all coming up TRAVOLTA.

Johnny Cool.

                          Johnny Cool.

Phase 4: It all ends here, it all ends… today
Swordfish came out in 2001.

I really want to let Swordfish resonate with you all.

Okay, so that movie was the worst, I think we are all in general agreement here. It’s cliched, poorly written and I honestly don’t know how it attracted so many big names. Maybe it was the fact we had all just survived the dawning of the (age of aquarius) new millennium? Hacking is a thing? Right? I think those were the only two questions the producers of this movie asked during the pitch. Somehow Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry were seemingly unaffected by this gargantuan pile of rancid dung though, so what happened to Travolta?

Battlefield Earth happened. I just, I can’t even be mad about this movie, I’m just so deeply deeply disappointed. This movie received BULK terrible reviews and was, if you’ll excuse my French, a real kick in the vagina for SciFi lovers.

Meanwhile in the 2000s Travolta had two more kids and became pretty obsessed with flying planes.

In all seriousness though in 2009 things took a truly tragic turn with the death of John’s first son Jett in the Bahamas. As much as I wanted to write a truly “Mean Girls” type expose on Travolta I really can’t ignore the fact his child died. What a fucking nightmare.

So, I take a respectful (metaphorical) four year pause before plunging into the years 2013, 2014 & 2015…

Phase 5: Commencing Launch Sequence
Well, I think we all kind of didn’t notice the Travolta movies for the past few years, but we sure have noticed his truly bonkers behaviour at various events and awards ceremonies. I honestly think his main problem is saying words. He just, really struggles with those words! The 2013 Oscars he word vomited Les Miserables incorrectly, in 2014 I think we all remember the trainwreck that was him trying to pronounce Idina Menzel,in case you missed it… here is the special little treat…

Between the Academy Awards Travolta enjoyed hobbies such as (alleged) sexual assault and battery.. Yeah that masseur suing him thing was pretty pretty bad. BUT the case was dismissed by the judge. So… we cool? Not quite. In 2014 Travolta’s pilot (wait I thought HE was a pilot? So why.. whatever) made claims that they had a sexual relationship (affair) which Travolta denied repeatedly. NOTE they were not assault claims, just claims the two had a consensual homosexual relationship.

travolta nothing wrong

Now we are in 2015 and I think Travolta has made it his secret mission to just try and weird the absolute fuck out of everybody. He’s got nothing to lose. I’m not kidding the only movie he has coming out this year is “Gummy Bear The Movie 3D.” If your only job this year was doing a voice for a movie about a highly addictive CANDY, you would probably feel like Travolta too.


This years Oscars were simply a precursor to the glorious insanity that we can probably expect to see from Travolta, forever. Oh and if you need closure on the whole Idina Menzel name screw up, he tried his best this year too…(trust me, if nothing I have said in this has made sense to you so far, I really feel like this will clarify).

It’s been real Johnny-T and I can’t wait to see what new world of awkward we enter as the year progresses, CablaGoobla OUT.

Oscars 2015 Wrap-Up!

The Oscars just finished and what an amazing year it was!!!

First off here is the soundtrack to the post, the Oscar winner for Best Original Song – “Glory” from Selma, this performance was so moving it gave us all the feels and the speech that followed the win was just as powerful.

Before the Awards kicked off we had the classic red carpet show, which was a little different this year thanks to the organisation Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.The Smart Girls introduced the #AskHerMore campaign a while back but it really took off today across social media! The campaign encourages the media to ask better questions of female  nominees rather than simply questioning their fashion choices.

Neil Patrick Harris was our host this year, and despite not being a huge fan I think he did a pretty good job, there were countless awkward moments but I think we can all agree that every award show is riddled with them anyway!

I’d like to start with the writing awards, which in my eyes are INCREDIBLY important but so often severely overlooked. These are the people who think up, write down and imagine the stories behind the films we love so much.
Best Original Screenplay went to Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nicolas Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris & Armando Bo for Birdman, not surprising given the snappy dialogue and incredible conversations in this film.
Best Adapted Screenplay went to Graham Moore for The Imitation Game, this was one of the most moving films (in my opinion) of the year and Moore did a brilliant job of adapted the story of Touring onto the silver screen. His speech was also incredibly touching, just FYI.

Next up I will give you THE BIG ONES to save all of you who just want the info ASAP.
Best Director went to Alejandro G. Iñárritu for Birdman, really the amount of attention to detail, timing and skill involved in directing that film was PHENOMENAL.

Best Actor went to Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything Just as we predicted using the Winslet rule… we are pretty cheesed off about this #TeamCumberbatch
Best Actress was awarded to Julianne Moore for Still Alice, classic Moore.

And the biggest of the big, the mother of all awards BEST PICTURE went to…

birdmanA huge congratulations to Birdman, winner of the 2015 Academy Award for Best Picture.

And here come the rest of the awards..

JK Simmons followed through with our predictions by taking out Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash. Patrcia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood and made a speech that turned twitter into overdrive demanding gender equality in the United States.

The Grand Budapest Hotel took out four awards; Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hair, Best Production Design, Best Original Score (Alexandre Desplat).

Emmanuel Lubezki (Birdman) took out Best Cinematography and Tom Cross (Whiplash) took Best Editing,but we saw both of these coming from a mile away,  each was outstanding and much deserving of it’s win!

Unfortunately for Leo fans everywhere his documentary did not win Best Documentary Feature but the award went to CitizenFour, a film about Edward Snowden and other whistle blowers.

Best Animated Movie went to *cough* The Lego Movie *cough* Big Hero 6.

The Sound of Music was honoured as a classic and none other than Lady Gaga gave us an ON POINT tribute medley covering the best songs from the film..seriously, it was obscenely good.

If you didn’t watch I highly recommend you check out the performance of Everything is Awesome from The Lego Movie. Tegan and Sarah and The Lonely Island brought down the house in what was(by far) the funnest moment of the whole evening!

Oscars 2015 BINGO!


Academy Awards fever has hit us here at CablaGoobla and we are so so excited for the big event!

We will be Live Tweeting from our Twitter (@cablagoobla) and playing Academy Award Bingo made by us in good old MSPaint! Pick a sheet, print the little fella out and play along! Because who doesn’t love bingo and MSPaint?!!


Bingo Sheet 1                                          Bingo Sheet 2

Leo might actually win an Oscar!


We here at CablaGoobla are very fond of semantics, and we have just made a truly wonderful discovery!

Leonardo Dicaprio has come so close, so often but has been continually rejected / crushed / dehumanised by the Academy Awards every since his incredible performance (and first nomination) from the 1994 film “What’s eating Gilbert Grape.”

We have just learned, that although Leo isn’t nominated for any ACTING awards this year, he was involved in producing a front runner for Best Documentary named “Virunga.”

The documentary is about the park rangers of the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and stands a mighty fine chance of winning the Academy Award, finally giving Leo (some kind of) recognition for all his years of heart ache and shedding tears!

We stand with you with Leo, this is your year!! They may never give you Best Actor, just to continue a cruel and long running joke, but so help me you WILL have a little golden man for SOMETHING.

You can see the trailer for Virunga right here!