Let’s Be Cops (2014)

Lets be cops

A couple of life long friends dress as police officers for a costume party and, giddy with the attention the uniforms bring, find themselves taking a grow up game of ‘cops and robbers’ to a whole new level when some serious shenanigans ensue in this predictably painful mistaken identity cross buddy cop comedy.

It goes without saying that I was reluctant to see this (buddy cops staring Damon Wayans? Ugh really? Do I have to?) so went into it with relatively low expectations and, as predicted, I found “Let’s be Cops” to be only halfway watchable.  Its pretty standard mainstream Hollywood comedy;  its predictable, ridiculous and mindless. All the usual stuff is there and there’s nothing really original about this movie.

I think the following screen grab sums up my feelings about it pretty accurately.



My advice, if for some reason you do decide to see this movie, is – try not to over think it or take it too seriously, you’ll have to push through the occasional (*read ‘frequent’) cringe worthy moments, college style humour (complete with sexploitation of women, nudity, drug & alcohol use & homophobia) and an inexplicable amount of Damon Wayans dancing .  It should be said that ‘Let’s Be Cops’ did keep me mildly entertained for the brief period of my sleep deprived life it consumed.  What I do know is though, that I won’t be watching it again. Not ever.

In a word: Humourcide.


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