The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere!

Season Five starts with a bang, a blindfold and an awful lot of bloodshed. AMC are not wasting any time with the Fifth Season of The Walking Dead.

Last season left our beloved survivors locked in a shipping container, prisoners to the baddies of Terminus with a few still finding their way to the false Utopia and killing creepy children along the way. The good thing about this premiere is there is no real time hop, events take place (what seems like) hours or days after the end of the fourth season and it takes merely one minute before the action gets going!

It should be noted that this episode is shockingly gross, it’s got everything from run of the mill walker carnage to baddies butchering human bodies so just remember what you are going into before you press play, this is The Walking Dead and shit is getting real for the next hour.

As always Glenn and Daryl are glorious and the reluctant (and undeserving) leader of the gang Rick is infuriating, Carol is surprisingly awesome carrying on from her murdering that insane child and finally stepping up to the plate as a real survivor and Carl is… well Carl is still the worst.

The most stressful aspect of the return  is the constant threat of death hanging over baby Judith Grimes (aka lil ass kicker), I want to believe that not even this show could go there, but then again we did see Rick try and cut the pieces of his dead and eaten wife out of a bloated and hideous walker, so it’s a genuinely terrifying experience every time Judith is on screen.

An impressively ambitious plot is set up from this episode, the gang aren’t merely trying to hide or survive, they are taking this shit to DC and plan to fight “fire with fire”  bitcheeesssss!!

Can’t wait for the next installment.


One comment

  1. This episode was so worth waiting for and satisfied my Walking Dead withdrawal cravings just perfectly. Carol has now become my new favourite character with her awesome heroic deeds (she even rescued the cross bow!) and I cant wait to see what happens next!
    I can’t agree with your opinion of Rick however… I kinda like his grit 🙂


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