Doctor Who (New) Season 8 Episode 1: “Deep Breath”.

SPOILER ALET!! This post contains spoilers for the Doctor Who: Season 8 premiere. Ye be warned!!

Doctor Who Series 8

The first episode of a new series of Doctor Who is always a daunting experience, especially when it’s a brand new Doctor and a quasi new companion but this episode stood strong against waves of expectation being blasted at it from every fan in the worlds hopeful hose.

I will try not to get entangled in metaphors again in this review….

Peter Capaldi is instantly (in my opinion) a thousand times better than Matt Smith, I know Smith was a very popular Doctor but he never really grew on me but I can tell from the get-go that Capaldi is going to bring great things to this show.

I know my associate (Cabla) HATES Clara with the passion of a thousand cobras but I don’t really mind the lass, she has some sass but not too much sass and I feel like she will adapt to the new Doctor well!

The storyline of the episode was a throwback to the (glorious) Tennant days and the SS Madame de Pompadour story,  I love the overlapping stories in Doctor Who but to me this one seemed kind of weak and the actual story of the episode could have given Capaldi a better premiere to show us what he’s got, although the gigantic fucking dinosaur was a pretty great entrance!

This episode also contained the franchises first lesbian kiss, which if we’re being honest was only a half kiss that served an actual purpose in the saving of one of the characters lives, yet the BBC has copped a lot of flack for it. Simultaneously the baddie in this episode has built a hot air balloon out of human skin, but that didn’t really seem to bother anyone or risk traumatising any children which…. well… okay.

All in all a promising start for the new season in my books and I am excited to see more, as always there were many hints to ongoing conspiracies and stories and I have already developed many theories on where they will go (note: my theories have never been correct so I’m not going to embarrass myself by sharing them with you all)



A giant lonely dinosaur choking on a time machine and a cyborg searching for robo-topia (Stephen Moffat, have you been peaking at my Christmas list?) Doctor Who Series 8, I love you already.

The tone of the show is definitely darker with the introduction of Capaldi as Twelve. There’s less raggedy doctor, more grumpy stern headmaster; but Capaldi is brilliant and not without his wit (flirting with a dinosaur and his hobo rambles in an alley being my personal highlights) and overall Im surprised by how much I like him as the new Doctor.

I feel like a majority of the episode was just trying to help everyone come to terms with how old Capaldis is in comparison with his predecessor. Which was kind of a non-thing for me and given the emphasis on how old the Doctor is in the last series it doesn’t really seem all that strange. The doctor’s been around, he’s seen some things, why shouldn’t he have a few lines or a little snow on the rooftop?

Claras reaction to the regeneration and the new older doctor seemed strange given in the last episode she watched Eleven age hundreds of years, and she interacted with all the regenerations of The Doctor only two episodes ago. So why can’t she get her head around regeneration now? Her self importance really does make her an insufferable companion.

Despite her presence it was still a thoroughly enjoyable episode. I loved the return to Victorian London and the recurrence of Vastra, Jenny and Strax, and I’m interested to see where things go and to have the answers to such questions as ‘what was up with that creepy chick at the end?’ and ‘how many times will i have to rewatch this episode to pick up all the breadcrumbs Moffat has left?’.

In a word: T-Rexcellent.




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